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Missing a Meet? We need to know!

We understand that things can happen at the last minute that may prevent a swimmer from making an intended meet without notice; that's life.  On the other hand, when a schedule conflict exists (planned vacation, etc.) and there is at least a little bit of time, please notify the team that your swimmer(s) will miss the meet(s) as soon as possible.

Why does the team need to know?  The coaches work hard building each meet roster to give each swimmer the most opportunities possible to compete, and to give the team its best scoring potential.  We want to eliminate as much of the last-minute changes as possible to help them with their work.  More importantly, if a swimmer on a relay misses the meet without notice to the team, it is highly likely that three other teammates just lost the opportunity to compete in that relay event(s).

You are able to RSVP online for all meets if you are unable to attend. Please click on each meet under Upcoming Events. You will then see a green button "Meet Entry". Click on it and you should see all of your registered children. Click edit and declare if they will or will not be at the meet and click "Save". This will need to be done for each child for each meet. Please DO NOT verbally tell the coaches.

Championship Meet Implications: It is very important to remember that the team considers your swimmer(s) available for the Championship Meet unless you notify the Team via online RSVP by Sunday, June 16th.  This is critical to your teammates having a competitive roster and full relays for the Championship Meet.  If you don't notify the team by then, you will be responsible to the team for any fees paid to the League on behalf of your swimmer(s).

In the interest of building a sense of responsibility and team, we stress that parents encourage and help their swimmers fulfill meet commitments, especially when schedule conflicts are avoidable.

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