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Practice - Things to Know

No matter if a swimmer is a beginner, novice, or club athlete, practice is an important part of participating on the Barracuda swim team.  Consistent, strong effort in practice results in improved performance, stamina, and confidence for each swimmer.  It also builds team spirit with teammates!  Please try to make as many practices as you are able.  Success starts at practice!  (See the Practice Schedule)

All swimmers should be at practice on the days of the home dual meets and the Fridays before Saturday meets.  If your swimmer will be at the meet but is unable to attend the practice immediately preceding the meet, please communicate that with the coaches ahead of time!  We don’t want swimmers scratched from the meet roster due to lack of communication.

Practice expectations:

  • Swimmers should show up to practice on time and ready to stretch or get in the pool.  Swimsuits should already be on.
  • We do practice in the rain!  We do not practice if lightning is in the area.
  • Please check the white board and the Barracuda Box daily to make sure you are aware of upcoming clinics, meets, changes, etc.  When offered, enroll in our text alerts.
  • The Vista del Norte HOA graciously allows the swim team use of the pool and grounds.  We should all do our best to keep the area clean and to abide by the pool rules, including supervision of children that are not in practice.
  • Coaches are on site to coach the swimmers during their practice times.  The coaches cannot supervise children before or after their practice times, nor can they supervise children that are not in the pool or immediate area.
  • We encourage parents to stay during practice, especially parents of swimmers 10yo or younger.  If you bring your swimmer's siblings, please supervise them to ensure their safety and to make sure they do not disrupt practice or distract swimmers.
  • If parents cannot stay during practice, please arrange for your swimmers to be picked up or supervised when practice ends.  The coaches cannot supervise children after their practice time.
  • Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Pets are not allowed in the pool area.
  • The tennis courts are strictly for tennis use.  Swimmers may play tennis if courts are available, however, they may not use the courts as a playground and should never disrupt tennis players.
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